Analysis from The Carbon Trust - August 2009

According to new analysis from the Carbon Trust the UK can profit from leading the world in the clean tech revolution. According to the report the UK could generate up to £70 billion for the economy and almost 250,000 jobs in offshore wind and wave power alone.

Severn Barrage, Bay of Fundy - June 2009

The Severn Estuary continues to receive much press coverage across the world. From whether to use a reef or barrage to the impact this will have on the local labour market and the wildlife in the area. There are a vast number of issues that are being analysed.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic research suggests the Bay of Fundy may be North America's best site for tidal power generation, with an estimated in-stream potential of 300 megawatts of energy from two sites close to the existing grid - enough power for about 100,000 homes.

Making Sense of Wave Energy - March 2009

A survey conducted by Seaview Sensing in association with Wave Energy Today has revealed some interesting insights into the wave energy market. Insufficient knowledge, funding issues, political will and general uncertainty trouble the wave energy market.