The Celtic sea, an area bounded to the east by the Bristol channel and to the north by the coastlines of Wales and Ireland, was chosen by the UK's environmental agency DEFRA as the site for an operational deployment study for the proposed UK Wave Monitoring Network WAVENET. The study, managed by the UK's Met. Office, used long-range Pisces radars provided by Neptune Radar Ltd.

The deployment, running between December 2003 and June 2005, used radars located at Nabor Point in North Devon and Castlemartin in South Wales, each providing Doppler backscatter on three beams. The data were processed and aggregated in near real-time on servers based at the University of Sheffield, up to May 2004 by the University of Sheffield and thereafter by Seaview Sensing Ltd.

A selection of the metocean data from this deployment can be browsed on the Seaview Realtime data-viewer here.

celtic sea map