Seaview realtime software

At the heart of Seaview products and services is Seaview Realtime software (software specification) that processes phased array HF radar data to provide real-time measurement of surface currents, waves and winds and creates maps, time-series plots and directional spectrum wave plots with high temporal and spatial resolution and large area coverage, up to 250km offshore. The data is calculated at multiple grid points across the coverage area, this could be 300 high quality data points across an area of 500 to 20,000 km2. The full directional spectrum for the waves is calculated at each point with sufficient signal, which allows variation in the wave field to be accurately captured. With current technology calculations take around 0.16 sec per data point, so typically the entire area may be updated in less than one minute after the radar data have been collected. The radar data collection period is dependent on the beam-forming methods of the radar and on the required averaging period for wave measurement, so typically the data updates occur every ten minutes. The data is then available locally or on-line using the Seaview Data Viewer that provides a variety of easy to use data maps, tables and plots.

Based on the SPRO software developed at the University of Sheffield, Seaview Realtime software has been proven in met-ocean experiments such as SCAWVEX and EuroROSE and has been available in full operational mode since 2002. The software has been used with radar data from OSCR, WERA and Pisces radar systems in the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Germany, France, USA, Oman, Australia and the UK.

Most recently the software has been used for:
Seaview Realtime software features:

Development has been continuous to ensure that capabilities match customer requirements and IT and marine sector technical developments. The latest upgrade has been to develop our new Seaview Data Viewer; this allows the data to be quickly and easily monitored and downloaded. Seaview Data Viewer offers unparalleled clarity when using your data. To experience the unique Seaview Data Viewer online visit our ocean data pages.