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Seaview Realtime Software measures surface wave, current and wind parameters, delivering metocean data in real time.

An integrated wave, current and wind measurement package, with:

  • data viewer
  • web access facilities,
  • auto-diagnostics for the radar,
  • environmental warning systems.

High Frequency, beam forming radars collect data from a wide area grid.

Seaview Software then processes and displays various views of the data according to your requirements.

Seaview data viewer
Seaview Data Viewer


Seaview DataViewer Splash page

The Seaview Data Viewer (SVDV) offers unparalleled clarity when using your data.

SVDV presents real-time and historical data clearly:

  • as an interactive map
  • in tabular form
  • in time-series plots
  • in directional spectrum plots

View data locally or online in real time, download quickly and easily.

The University of Plymouth has kindly allowed some data collected as part of the Wave Hub project to be made available publicly:

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View data – Spatial

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Seaview Software takes in HF ocean wave radar measurements and provides metocean data in real time.

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Seaview Realtime Software has been deployed and proven in many projects around the world.

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An integrated wave, current and wind measurement package.

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Members of the Seaview technical team provide a range of consultancy services.

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Seaview Sensing Ltd

Seaview Sensing was founded in 2004 making decades of research and software development accessible to the ocean sensing world.

With the benefit of the close relationship Seaview have with the University of Sheffield, we are uniquely able to provide the cutting edge Seaview Realtime software to our customers.

Registered in England
No. 05060016
Reg. No. GB 836 5418 13


Seaview Sensing Ltd
211 Graham Road, Ranmoor, Sheffield
United Kingdom, S10 3GR


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