Seaview Realtime Software measures surface wave, current and wind parameters, delivering metocean data in real time.

It is an integrated wave, current and wind measurement package, with data viewer, web access facilities, auto-diagnostics for the radar and environmental warning systems.

High Frequency, beam forming radars collect data from a wide area grid. Seaview Software then processes and displays various views of the data according to your requirements.

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Seaview Data Viewer

The Seaview Data Viewer (SVDV) offers unparalleled clarity when using your data.

SVDV presents real-time and historical data clearly:

  • as an interactive map
  • in tabular form
  • in time-series plots
  • in directional spectrum plots

View data locally or online in real time, download quickly and easily.

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The real-time measurement of waves, winds and currents at long range and across a large area provide critical data for monitoring and understanding of environmental processes.

They are particularly useful for:

  • coastal management
  • offshore renewable energy
  • port authorities
  • oil and gas industries
  • harbour management
  • environmental monitoring and research
  • marine engineers
  • storm surge warnings
  • tsunami warnings


Seaview offers particular expertise in:

  • use and installation of HF radar systems
  • interpreting metocean data
  • validity of results
  • software installation and support

Latest News

New Publication February 2019

A new paper discussing HF Radar wave measurements, contributed to by Lucy Wyatt and Andrew Middleditch from Seaview, has been published recently

Suitability of the Southern Australia Integrated Marine Observing System’s (SA-IMOS) HF-Radar for operational forecasting. Charles James, Matt Collopy, Lucy R. Wyatt & Andrew Middleditch (2019) doi