Seaview Realtime Software

An integrated wave, current and wind measurement package, with data viewer, web access facilities, radar auto-diagnostics and environmental warning systems.


  • Provides real-time measurement
  • Creates metocean data:
    • maps
    • time-series plots
    • directional spectra
  • High temporal and spacial resolution
  • Large coverage
    • distance: up to 250 km offshore
    • area: 20,000 km240,000 km2 with fine spatial resolution.
      Depending on radar installation, the range and resolution would typically be:
      • currents and wind measurements
        50 km at 1 km resolution
        250 km at 15 km resolution
      • wave measurements
        25 km at 1 km resolution
        150 km at 15 km resolution
  • For each grid point, where the radar signal is sufficient, provides measurement of:
    • surface current direction & speed
    • wave height
    • wave period
    • wave direction
    • full directional spectrum
    • wind direction
  • Fast calculation (less than one minute after data collection)
  • Data update typically refreshed every 10 minutes to one hour as required
  • System diagnostics
    • Radar malfunction alerts via text messaging or email
    • Measurements of:
      • signal level and noise level time-series and maps
      • Doppler spectrum
      • inversion quality
      • data file delivery process
  • Environmental warnings — currently available as an extra service tailored to client needs
map and time-series images

Main Benefits

  • Proven, portable and platform independent
  • Works with any suitable radar
  • Measures full directional spectral data across a field
  • Onshore Location
    • easy to maintain
    • not at risk to or from shipping or fishing equipment
  • Reduces data gathering costs
  • Comprehensive software and systems support
  • Technical expertise in system optimisation and data interpretation
  • Customizable to customer needs